The wait is finally over!

When we launched our e-commerce platform, in 2020, one message we received consistently was the need to cater for service based businesses on the platform. In other words, have a Brownie business directory listing that would cater for Brownies that only provide services.

We went hard into work to make this a reality.

After so many challenges, we are pleased to announce that BrownSense.Africa can now cater for service based businesses.

In order to be listed on our platform, here is how it works:

1. You first would have to be BrownSense Verified. This is a process similar to what the banks call ‘Know Your Client’, but it is not as intensive. What we are looking for here is to ensure that the business is indeed Brownie owned, and it is meant to hold each BrownSense Verified business accountable to high standard. The verification fee is R200 excl. VAT per annum. You can dowload the detailed information pack here:

2. To start the process, use the following link: The monthly listing fee is R270. If you pay for the year in advance, the fee is discounted by 20% and is R2,592.


1. Your business will be easier to find as Brownies would be referred to our platform to search for businesses as opposed to posting requests in the Facebook group;
2. You get to join the verified members’ WhatsApp group through which you can have 1 post per week [weekdays only – excl. public holidays – from 8am – 8pm] approved;
3. BrownSense is fast becoming the go-to platform to search for Brownie businesses. Being listed [where you would also be rated] on the platform will give your business that added advantage;
4. Your business would form part of some of our social media campaigns, or be afforded discounted advertising rates for additional advertising either on the platform or our social media platforms;
5. You would benefit from Partner organization services that we receive from time to time.
Download our customer information pack using the following link:

Join us on this next chapter of our journey towards making #circulatingtherand amongst ourselves a reality.