In today’s world, consumers and business partners are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to choosing which companies to work with. It’s no longer enough to have a good product or service – customers want to know that they are doing business with companies that are committed to excellence, social responsibility, and diversity.

This is where BrownSense Verified comes in. BrownSense is a South African group that supports and promotes the growth and success of brownie businesses. BrownSense Verified is their standard of excellence, and it is awarded to companies that meet their strict criteria for quality, sustainability, and social impact.

So, what does it mean to be BrownSense Verified? It means that your company has passed their verification process, and has been deemed to be a top-performing business in your industry. It means that you have access to procurement opportunities that non-certified companies may not have access to, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace. And it means that you can proudly display the electronic certificate of verification at your business premises, showing your commitment to excellence to all who visit.

But the benefits of being BrownSense Verified go beyond just having a certificate to display. As a verified member, you will receive a range of benefits designed to help you grow your business and connect with other members of the BrownSense community. These include:

  • 35% off paid ads in the group: BrownSense has a large and engaged Facebook group with over 223,000 members. As a verified member, you will receive a significant discount on paid ads in the group, helping you to reach more potential customers and grow your brand.
  • 10% off the market fee: BrownSense hosts regular markets where verified members can showcase their products and services. As a verified member, you will receive a discount on the market fee, making it more affordable to participate and connect with other members of the community.
  • Facebook group monthly insights: BrownSense Verified members also receive exclusive monthly insights into the Facebook group, including data on engagement, demographics, and more. This can help you to tailor your marketing efforts and reach your target audience more effectively.
  • Support for key milestones: BrownSense wants to celebrate your successes with you! As a verified member, they will share key milestones with the greater community, and provide support if you are nominated for an award.
  • Profile in the BSV member catalogue: Finally, as a verified member, you will be profiled in the BrownSense Verified member catalogue. This is a great way to showcase your business to potential customers and partners, and to connect with other verified members in your industry.

So, how do you become BrownSense Verified? The process is simple: visit the BrownSense website and complete the verification form. There is a small annual fee of R230 (including VAT), but the benefits of being verified far outweigh this cost.

In conclusion, BrownSense Verified is a powerful symbol of excellence and commitment to social responsibility in the brownie business community. By becoming verified, you can access new procurement opportunities, grow your business, and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. If you’re a brownie business owner, there’s no better time to apply for verification and start reaping the rewards of membership in this dynamic community.