This has been long coming…

We started this process in July this year, and it included not only a face lift but a number of technical upgrades on our e-commerce platform. Upgrading our e-commerce platform demanded that we look at the entire BrownSense offering, and find a way to communicate a “one Big BrownSense” message.

Here’s a good example: there’s a number of people who come to sell at our markets, but are not a part of the Facebook group nor are they signed up to sell on our e-commerce platform. To them, the vision is lost as the market is just another market. This is through no fault of their own.

Conversely, there are a number of people who are part of the Facebook group and have never heard of our e-commerce platform and usually miss out on market announcements. Also, this is through no fault of their own.

These are some of the gaps we’ve been addressing, and this brought us here: One Big BrownSense. If you like acronyms, call it “OBB”.

This is truly an exciting time.

So, we are making some great improvements on the user experience and user interface [UX / UI] front. This is based on a lot of great feedback we received as well as what’s best practice from a UX/UI front.

We are knocking down the silo mentality, and working with our merchants in as far as the marketing strategy and marketing campaigns are concerned. What does this mean? There will be a lot of campaigns you will see that are a well-rounded presentation on the merchants we have on our platform.

We are moving away from the typical…

You will see what we mean, because this cat must stay in the bag for now.

All of this will be driven by a “One Big BrownSense” mentality, but we want to add two more letters for our acronym loving friends: the letters “H” and “F” – “One Big Happy BrownSense Family”.


Because, we are a family and this is a legacy we are building for the next generations.

Join us as we walk this journey.