BrownSense.Africa Operating Guidelines

Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy

BrownSense.Africa offers local Vendors a marketplace to sell their Products to BrownSense.Africa Customers. This marketplace is not curated by BrownSense.Africa, but rather by you, the Vendor.

Please note that it is your responsibility to conduct proper research to ensure that the Products listed in BrownSense.Africa’s marketplace comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Illegal Products and Products that promote illegal activity, including counterfeit or stolen Products, are not allowed to be sold on BrownSense.Africa. All forms of illegal activity are strictly prohibited. Listings may not facilitate or promote illegal acts.

The following types of products are prohibited or restricted on BrownSense.Africa:

Counterfeit Products and particularly those products which infringe the intellectual property of Third parties. This category does not extend to non-counterfeit parallel/grey imports. In order to sell legal Parallel/Grey imports, Product pages on the Platform must have the following disclaimer:

  • These Products have been imported without the approval or license of the registered owner of that trademark and no guarantee or warranty in respect of such Products will be honored or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer of such Products. However, any warranty claims will be covered by BrownSense.Africa or the relevant Third Party Seller, in accordance with our Returns Policy.
  • Each Product must be labelled as (Parallel Import) in the Product title on the Product Page.
  • Product which violates copyright or trademark of a Third Party.
  • Offensive and Controversial content. Any Product that promotes, incites or glorifies hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promotes organizations with such views will be removed.
  • Stolen Products
  • Products that depict child abuse/exploitation
  • Products intended for use by children that contain adult content, profanity and/or sexual references.
  • Products marketed to or targeted at kids or teenagers that are age-inappropriate.
  • Products which contain derogatory language
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Every Product listed in SARS’ Consolidated List of Prohibited and Restricted Exports and Imports found at
  • Every Product which would require BrownSense.Africa to be in possession of a valid municipal Business Licence, where BrownSense.Africa is not in possession of such license.
  • Multi-level / network marketing Products.
  • Used/Second-hand Products.
  • Any cryptocurrency associated Products.
  • This policy is a part of our Marketplace Vendor Agreement. By operating a SellerPortal Account, you’re agreeing to this policy and our terms of use.

If you supply a product in violation of the law or BrownSense.Africa’s Policy, we will take corrective actions, as appropriate, including but not limited to immediately suspending or terminating selling privileges, destroying inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement, returning inventory, terminating the business relationship, and permanent withholding of payments. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

How to view and export your Account Statement on SellerPortal

  1. Go to Reports > Accounts Statements
  2. All statements for the previous months’ stock sold are available in this section
  3. You can select the period you are interested in (ex. 01 Jan 2020 – 31 Jan 2020) to get a general overview and then:
    1. Click on “Download all Transactions” to get an Excel document with the details of all your credits and debits
    1. Click on “Print Account Statement” to get the possibility to print the general overview.
    1. Click on “Sales Report” to get an Excel document with all your sales on an order level.

Please note that:

  • The payout amount is the amount payable to you.
  • Payments will be made at the end of each month for the previous month’s stock sold. 
  • You are no longer required to provide the Financial department with an invoice.

Seller Score and Penalty Guidelines

  • Operation Score: Operational Score is a decimal value between 0 and 100 that is calculated by Marketplace and set on a seller level
  • Pending To Shipped in 24 hours: The rate calculates the percentage of order items that have reached the status shipped in 24 hours over the last defined days.
  • Return Rate ( Warehouse Reason ): The return rate calculates the percentage of the order items returned to the seller over the last 28 days.
  • Cancellation Rate: The Cancellation rate calculates the percentage of the order items canceled by the seller over the last 15 days.

Seller Score Rating:

  • 5 Star – Excellent
  • 4 Star – Good
  • 3 Star – Average
  • 2 Star – Bad
  • 1 Star – Extremely Bad

Marketplace Penalties:

Below is a list of penalties which may be enforced at BrownSense.Africa’s discretion.

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and further penalties may be added:

a. Cancelled Orders. All orders cancelled before a Product is shipped due to Vendor error will be considered ‘out of stock’. This will incur a R100 penalty per cancelled Order For the avoidance of doubt, this fee is applicable to “Unable to ship” & “Product non available” cancellation option in SellerPortal only. It does not apply to “Customer changed mind” reason.

b. Returns. All Products returned by Customer due to a Vendor-related issue, such as an incomplete Product or Order, defective Product, counterfeit Product, or missing Product, will incur a R100 penalty per issue.

c. Late Shipments. All Orders set from “Pending” to “Ready-to-ship” after the required timeline of 24 hours from order on the Platform, will be deemed late fulfillment and will incur a R100 penalty.

It is BrownSense.Africa discretion to institute penalties. Penalties that you have incurred will reflect in your Account Statement available on SellerPortal. Once instituted, penalties are non-negotiable.

This policy is a part of our Marketplace Vendor Agreement. By operating a SellerPortal Account, you are agreeing to this policy and our terms of use.

Returns Guidelines

If for any reason, a product is required to be sent back to the Vendor, BrownSense.Africa will retrieve the product from the Customer and make it available for the Vendor to collect at the Collection Hub.

  • Returns will be quality checked on a bi-weekly basis (on Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • Returns will be available for collection at our warehouse

Ashworth Logistics Park,

18 Laneshaw Street,

Linbro Park,

Sandton, 2090

  • You will receive a daily email with the list of your returnsto collect
  • To collect your returns, you will have to set a “Picker” on SellerPortal: Settings >  Manage Pickers > Add Picker
  • You can write the name of your picker and you will then get a password that your picker will have to give while collecting the returns.
  • If your returns are not collected within 60 days, they will be forfeited.
  • You now have access to a new dashboard called “My Dashboard” in your Account Statements section where you can see the details of your returns statuses.