We have recently added LayUp as a payment option on our platform, as a commitment to not only providing you with options but also one that is about financial inclusion when it comes to how the lay-by sector operates.

In a survey of 14,000 SA adults by DebtBusters, 40% reported spending more than half their monthly income on debt repayments. This is definitely a bleak situation, and as many of you know BrownSense.Africa is all about playing a part in significantly affecting the state of our country [and continent as we advance] for the better. Earlier today, I came across the following quote attirbuted to Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO, Charley Moore: “Ideally, success in the workplace is being able to say ‘yes’ to the question: Is the world a better place because of the work that we did today?”

With the above in mind, it was a no-brainer that we need to have LayUp as part of our e-commerce platform and your shopping experience.

LayUp is a Save Now, Buy Later payments provider – giving you simple, smart, interest-free instalments. Yes, you read the last part correctly. Through LayUp, you will be able to buy to make your purchases on lay-by without any interest.

We remain committed to growing this platform, improving the user experience and giving you excellent service.

Yours in #circulatingtherand