Recently, we announced our partnership with Cheeba Cannabis Academy who provide training that covers the complete value chain in the cannabis industry. Through this relationship, we now bring into the fold the Mendi Msimang Innovation Hub [MMIH]

Founded in 2019, the family’s agricultural business Mending Msimang Innovation Hub (MMIH) Pty Ltd was born. It was named after Mendi Msimang, a South African liberation fighter, who tirelessly campaigned for the freedom of his fellow South Africans from the grip of colonial apartheid. In many ways, the company exists to continue his vision to restore dignity to many South Africans through its dedication to sustainable agricultural practices. Food sovereignty and green business are at the core of what MMIH does.

The size of the local hemp industry is estimated at R28 billion and can create as many as 130 000 jobs.

MMIH extended an invitation through our partners, Cheeba Cannabis Academy, has presented us with an opportunity to invest in the hemp industry through their farm located in Newcastle, KZN. There will be virtual sessions in which this opportunity is thoroughly unpacked, and in order to take part in them you are required to please complete this form, and we will set up a session with our associates in order to present this opportunity in detail as soon as possible.

Execution is timed from end of October in time for the next planting season.

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